Friday, April 21, 2017

Denver Art District - First Friday of the Month- Take 1

Almost 1000s of people came, they saw the paintings...and that smile on their faces made us happy! All kinds of reactions from various people were teaching us something...

It was wonderful to to see American, Greek,Arabic taking about 'indian bull' painting... Excited to know about 'Bail Pola' ...Indian boyfriend was explaining about it to his Australian girlfriend! 

One guy who actually was in love with Rashmi and requested his girlfriend to have photo with her... Many young girls wanted to take tiger home..there was a big queue for Selfie with Tiger!!!

Moments from First Friday

Rashmi and I, we actually experienced many such instances but one which will be most memorable was after art show when we were travelling back, in the parking lot few american families shouted... 'Hey Rashmi, you r fabulous, see you next month first friday' and yes!! that was the moment of motivation, which actually transferred the energy to do better next next time. That feeling of "All these unknown faces love us like we know since ages" was just amazing, unforgettable!!

Have no idea about rest of America but DENVER!!!! man this city smells art, knows art, loves art, keeps it alive!! People has big heart for art...

Thank You Denver!!! See you next month First Friday!!!!!

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